Hurricane Harvey: Real Beauty Real Women Drive


A few weeks ago Hurricane Harvey destroyed my home town and surrounding cities. I was lucky to have not had any damage to my home or vehicle. Others were not so lucky and face a long road of recovery ahead of them. The first day I was able to get in my car and drive around my city I was astonished. People were tearing down their homes and trying to salvage what they could from all the mess Harvey left behind. There were police officers guarding neighborhoods trying to keep looters away. The US National Guard was called in to help as well. I saw all of the photos on Facebook and Instagram of the city going underwater within days. The roads I drive down daily looked like lakes and my friends homes were flooding and they were evacuating on air mattresses and boats.

One good thing came from this storm.


A city coming together to help those who lost everything, churches opening up as shelters and distribution centers, neighbors being well, neighborly and offering assistance in any way possible. People from Louisiana were traveling to help rescue those who were stuck on roofs escaping rising water, a community that shook the world with its generosity.

I began to pray.

I prayed that God would use my talents and gifts to help others. A simple prayer turned into something divine. Once I was able to go back to work I met a client, Jacqueline,  while helping her with her products she told me of a non profit that she works for called Real Beauty Real Women. This non profit is putting together comfort kits for the women in Houston shelters. The kits include a makeup bag, unused makeup products, and toiletries. As she was telling me what she was doing, a huge smile filled my face.

I told her that our meeting was not a coincidence and that I was going to help her in any and every way that I could. As the week went on I asked on social media and at work for donations for Real Beauty Real Women. So many people were excited to help! I had people mailing makeup bags and makeup right to my house, dropping donations at my house, meeting me, donating money, and putting products in a box at my job. As the week went on my bedroom was FULL of donations.

After 4 trips to my car, the donations were on their way to be given to women who needed them the most. A few people didn’t see makeup bags and products as a need, maybe not. But you know, it helped them feel great. If you wear makeup, you know what a difference a little mascara and lipstick makes.


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