Beauty Must Have’s from the Drugstore

As a kid I was always told “Beauty is pain” What I didn’t know until later on is that beauty is also painful for my bank account. Makeup and beauty products don’t always need to have high price points to be great products. ¬†Some of my favorite beauty products actually come from Walgreens or the beauty sections at HEB, Ulta, and my new favorite online beauty store Beauty Encounter.


Let’s talk about foundation because there is one in particular that has just blown me away and that is the Loreal Pro Matte Foundation. I bought this one a little while ago, wore it once and never picked it up again because it was too dark. I am tired of being fair so I picked it up again and blended it down my neck and I have yet to put it down. Oily skin defeats me almost everyday but with this foundation I don’t get excessively oily, my skin looks smooth, and it doesn’t ever get patchy.

I’m not really sure if anyone would consider these next products “Drugstore Products” but the price is amazing so I want to mention them. Morphe has completely taken over the makeup world one shadow at a time and I am so glad they did. Eyeshadow palettes that are $23 is just something you can’t beat. Not only is the price right but so is the pigment of the shadows. My favorite one right now is the 35O2 because I adore warm tone shadows especially reds. I remember the very first Morphe palette I bought, loved, and then bought some more. I just can’t seem to get enough of these creamy powders.

Colour Pop is another brand that is so incredible that it’s almost to good to be true. Their Super Shock Shadows are starting to overflow in one of my vanity drawers. I am pretty picky when it comes to eyeshadow, but talk about buttery, creamy, and pigmented! If you haven’t touched these gems yet, you really need to because they will change your makeup game big time! Not to mention they are ONLY $5!!! Usually I would picture a single eyeshadow as amazing as these to be at a much higher price point. I like to apply these shadows with my finger or a really dense flat blush to get the full pigment of the shadow onto my lid.

NYX is another brand that has stolen the hearts of the beauty lovers out there with their new take on affordable makeup with great formulas. Let’s talk glitter for a sec. I LOVE GLITTER. I also love that NYX has a great color range of loose glitter for the face and body. You know what I love even more? The $6 price point. You can apply these glitters on top of eyeshadow to make your look more intense or you can use them on their own but I do recommend using a glitter glue so it’ll stick and stay all day long.


Maybeline steals the highlight show with their Master Chrome Highlighting powders. Honestly I like these more than the Becca Highlighters because they are pigmented and way creamier. When I first tried this highlight I was a little skeptical but as soon as I popped it on these cheek bones I was sold. I loved it so much that I bought the Holographic one as well.

Great quality makeup doesn’t always have to be extremely expensive. So save a few bucks with some of these brands and get the same stunning makeup looks you desire!



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