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What would makeup be without lip products? Everyone wants that perfect pout. Seriously though who doesn’t? I don’t know about you but the thought of getting lip injections just scares me half to death so fake it til you make it right? We all know that we have face masks to take care of our skin but what about lip care? Sometimes our lips get neglected and we don’t use lip balms or lip masks to keep them naturally luscious but how can they reach the level of lusciousness if we aren’t ┬átaking care of them.

First things first is exfoliating! I like to use a product from Lush called Chocolate. It is a lip scrub that has cocoa in it, and if you didn’t know, cocoa has powerful antioxidants in it that protects your lips from environmental stressors. I like using a lip scrub to remove dry skin from my lips that way when I wear lip stick, it goes on smooth.



Hydration is the key to having naturally luscious lips. One of my fave products to use for hydration is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. Talk about hydration! I actually like to use this during the day too if my lips are super dry! It softens and smoothes the lips instantly and even more so over night.

I have a very small makeup bag that stays in my purse and the only products that come everywhere with me are all lip products. The lip balm that lives in that bag is the Farmacy Honey Butter. A very thing layer coats and hydrates my lips just enough. I don’t like heavy lip balms at all, just like I don’t care for heavy glosses. This lip balm is heavenly though. You know what’s even better about this balm? it’s all natural, there is nothing artificial and you know what else it has? Antioxidants ;). I have to wear a lip balm that protects my lips especially in the summer. A few summers ago I was out in the sun a lot and my lips were incredibly swollen the next morning when I woke up. So I HAVE to use a balm that protects and that is exactly what Honey Butter does.

Lipstick please! There are three lipsticks that I use non stop and of course they are all nude.. but they have different undertones so its okay right? If you haven’t used or tried anything from Marc Jacobs the first product you need to look into is their Le Marc lipsticks. I LOVE THIS FORMULA. They are so incredibly creamy and they are staples in my makeup collection. Slow Burn has been living in my little makeup bag I keep in my purse because it’s perfect pinky nude color goes with literally everything. So if I leave my house and forget to put on a lipstick Marc Jacobs to the rescue. The next color is a true nude and it’s called Sonic Truth. I was never a huge fan of true nudes on my skin because they always made me look washed out but Sonic Truth caught my eye and I was never the same after using it.

NARS… Oh how I adore almost the entire brand…. Their Audacious lipsticks are heaven on the lips I swear. The color I’ve been wearing is Anita. Yes it’s a nude… buttttt in my defense it is a warm undertone nude. I think that makes it okay. I feel like this color and this formula is so perfect. It’s not matte but its long lasting and the color payoff is to die for.

What is a post about lip colors if I don’t mention the mattes that I adore? I’m not going to lie, when I first saw that YSL came out with Tatouage Coutour matte liquid lipsticks I was really skeptical. Mainly because most of their products were dewy and glossy, but when I tried them out I fell in love instantly. They are SO comfortable, don’t crease or crack, they last, and the color pay off is gorgeous! The color I chose was 23, it is the perfect pink color that goes with several different looks.

In 2017 Dior launched their very first liquid lip formula and I ADORE them. The Dior Rouge Liquid Lip Stain have metallics and mattes, but I wanted a matte so I got the color 625 which is an orangey pinky color if that makes sense… I love wearing this comfortable lip color when I do warm tone eye looks or when I’m not wearing a lot of makeup to at least look like I tried to do my makeup.

NEXT! Sephora liquid lipsticks are AMAZING! When Sephora laughed more of these bad boys I bought 14 colors all at once. No shame. I have a few fun off the wall colors and some normal girl colors.. The one I use the most is 13, this is the perfect mauvey pink that literally goes with everything I wear. I love the wear time of these liquid lips and I was so impressed with the color and comfortable formula. I don’t like to feel like I have a lot on my lips personally so these formulas that I have mentioned above are perfect for me.

Just in the last few months I have turned back to gloss I love a fresh glossy lip. The three I’ve been using the most are by Buxom, Milk, and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Buxom is notorious for its plumping glosses that you can add on top of any lipstick or wear them by themselves for a little shine. I use them both ways. The color that I have loved for about a year now is Celeste, it is a nude color with flecks of glitter in it that just shines like nothing else. The next color from buxom is called April, a beautiful pink that caught my eye because of its simplicity. This one I love to wear on its own because it has enough color to coat my lips and give them that perfect plump pout.

We all know that Anastasia Beverly Hills is know for it’s brow products, eye shadows, and liquid lips. Have you ever looked at their lip glosses? I have a few but the color that I can’t get enough of is Metallic Rose. This pigmented pink gloss has flecks of glitter in it too but just enough to give the perfect color and shine to any look.

What lip products have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments so I can try them out myself!

Disclaimer:This post contains affiliate links, if you choose to make a purchase I do earn a small commission. All of my opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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