Must Have Oils for Healthier Skin

So many people are afraid to use skin oils as a treatment because they are afraid they will cause their skin to be even oilier. However did you know that when you use certain oils for skincare you reduce your oil production? I was always afraid to add oils to my skincare routine however I’m using three different ones in my current routine and my skin has never looked better!


Acne Clarifying Oil: UFO

Sunday Riley has two oils that I’ve been using for almost a year now that I actually spoke about in my Winter Skincare post. If your skin is more acne prone you will love UFO. It has tea tree oil in it which helps fight off bacteria in the skin, clear out pores, and get rid of black heads for a clearer complexion.

Pore Clearing Oil: Luna

I also use the Luna oil from Sunday Riley but only at night because it has retinol in it which causes sensitivity to the sun. This oil helps with enlarged pores and textured skin. I can’t go one night without using Luna if I do you can see a difference in my skin. The beautiful dark blue oil is far more powerful than it looks.

Brightening and Texture Reducing: Wild Rose Spotless Serum

Last but certainly not least is the newest oil I’ve added into my routine. Korres Wild Rose 15% Vitamin C Spotless Serum. Korres was founded and created in Greece by a husband and wife who believe in natural ingredients for healthier skin. When I was introduced to this new serum I was a little skeptical at first. When I was younger I had cystic acne now over time as the acne slowly went away I was left with some scaring. This serum has two parts two it, Rose Oil and 15% vitamin C.¬†As the weeks have gone by while using this serum I have noticed a huge difference in the brightness and tone in my skin without any dryness. My scars are almost completely gone! This serum may be pretty expensive but in Greece you have to have a prescription to purchase it.

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