Prime, Set, Refresh: How to make your makeup last all day

I get asked all the time about how to make makeup last all day and stay looking fresh. One great thing about my job is that I get a lot of opportunities to try new makeup products . I’ve tried a few new products recently that I really like a lot!


We’ll go ahead and start with primer. What is a primer? Different primers do different things, it really all depends on what you’re wanting your primer to do for you. There are two that I’ve been alternating between that I like quite a bit.

Cover FX Blurring Primer: Cover FX is a great brand all the way around. It’s vegan, cruelty free, fragrance free, mineral oil free, talc free, gluten free and paraben free. Anytime I try a new product from Cover FX I don’t worry about their products harming my skin. When I tried the Blurring Primer I knew I was going to love it. It immediately filled in my pores without a slick silicone feel. It doesn’t make me excessively oily and it grips makeup very well.


Too Faced Hangover Primer: This is an iconic staple in my primer collection one I would repurchase over and over again. It has coconut water in it that keeps the skin hydrated underneath makeup. It also has probiotics that keep the skin healthy and replenished. This primer is great for days that your skin is looking dull or feeling dry.

Setting Powder

If you are a makeup lover and product collector you have probably tried the Laura Mercier setting powder. It is a holy grail product that I always have on hand. I know in previous posts I’ve talked about having oily skin and the original powder is great for the days that I am excessively oily. It holds my makeup in place but doesn’t look too dry.

Milk Makeup just launched a setting powder called Blur Powder. OH EM GEE it is gorgeous! It comes with a sponge applicator which I thought was a little strange considering it is a loose powder. Mad props to milk though for being super innovative because that sponge is LIFE. The sponge presses it into the skin which completely blurs any texture in the skin including pores! The powder itself is very thin so it doesn’t make your foundation or concealer look cakey or muddy.

Setting Spray

Setting spray is a must have in my daily makeup routine because it hold my makeup in place but also diffuses any powder and makes it look softer and more skin like.

My holy grail setting spray would have to be the Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist. It always leaves my skin feeling and looking fresh all day long. If you do not like a dewy finish you most likely will not this spray because it complete diffuses any powders on the skin.

Lancome has new setting spray called Fix It Forget it and it is a dream! Not only does it set your makeup but it also has pollution protection ingredients that protect your skin from free radicals in the air! Fix It Forget It keeps your makeup looking fresh and hydrated but also controls oil for 24 hours, it really lives up to the name!

The key to keeping your makeup on and in place throughout the day is really going to determine your prep and set product choices. I hope these recommendations are helpful, if you try these products leave a comment below and tell me what you think about them!





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