Beauty Empties

It is that time yet again! Empties, empties, empties!

Makeup Remover



I wear A LOT of eye makeup, including water proof liner and mascara so I need a really good eye makeup remover. Lancome to the rescue! The Bi-Facil eye makeup remover is an every day must have for me, it breaks down tough makeup so easily without tugging or burning my eyes.


If you’ve been here before you know my love for Peter Thomas Roth skincare. The Irish Moore Mud Cleanser finally made its way into my daily skin routine and I am VERY impressed with how well it worked for me. It decongests, purifies, and detoxes the skin with ease and it shows after a few uses.



Beloved Luna Oil… How I love you. Sunday Riley is notorious for this pore cleansing, wrinkle reducing, redness reducing, and plumping sleeping oil. This oil lasted me a really long time and was a staple in my skin routine. I love the way it makes my skin feel and look when I wake up in the morning. At night your skin works to repair itself, allowing skincare products to work better and target the areas that need repairing.

One of the first skincare brands I absolutely adored was Murad. It helped with my acne tremendously so I trust the brand as a whole. They recently launched the Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil l that is full of vitamins that the skin needs to stay healthy, glowing, and smooth. Vitamin A for firmness and radiance. Vitamin B soothes and balances oil in the skin. Vitamin C protects the skin from free radicals that age the skin. Vitamin D prevents sun damage and improves the skins barrier. Vitamin F improves texture and barrier function.

Korres is a brand that I have grown to really appreciate over the last few years. I recently used their newest addition to the rose line Wild Rose Spotless Serum. This serum has 15% Vitamin C derived from roses which brightens the skin and improves redness. This oil really made a huge difference in my skins texture and redness which as you can probably tell are my biggest skin concerns.



Drunk Elephant is a relatively new brand who is changing the skin of millions. The B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel changed really helped my skin retain moisture day and night. It’s thin so it looks good under makeup and helps to treat texture on the skin.


Tatcha has taken the reigns in the skincare world with its clean ingredients and geisha inspiration. Tatcha Water Cream moisturizer has become a product in demand. This moisturizer improves pores, texture, and radiance with Japanese botanicals. It also helps to control oil and purify the skin by supporting cell turn over. No wonder it’s hard to find!

Hair Care

It took me a long time to grow my hair out and make it healthy after a few years of apply damaging chemicals to it. My hair was in pretty bad shape but now I’m working to restore the moisture in my hair to keep it healthy.

Pacifica is one of my favorite drugstore haircare lines because they focus on clean ingredients for healthy hair. The Coconut Super Power Deep Conditioning Damage Control Mask is AMAZING. It leaves my hair soft, silky, and fresh.


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